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about Aeropuffing
Aeropuffing is an astonishingly new solution to nail art! This is a unique technique that allows you to create amazing designs, even if you’re novice at nail art. Aeropuffing is a patented product that allows you to create color gradients using our Puffing Sponges, make stencil painting and halo fading nail art using our unique LED/UV Color Gel Pastes.

Aeropuffing is considered as an affordable alternative to airbrushing, where you can achieve the same results, but without the costly airbushing set. This is a no-mess system that keeps your manicure table clean (and you’re free from additional manipulations as in airbrushing, where you have to cleanse the airhose).

Aeropuffing gel pastes are dried with an LED lamp. They can be combined in various forms, such as thermo paint as a primer and aeropuffing.

A big advantage is that the very thin layer of aeropuffing adheres very well to the nail gel. A further advantage is that extremely little material is consumed and therefore the costs are low.

Aeropuffing "technology allows you to use special tools, templates and unique gel paste to work flawlessly and achieve a perfect result:

Gradient Designs
French-Manicure in 1 minute
Designs with 3D effect
Texture Design
Design with contours

Our opinion about the advantages over airbrush;

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