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Aeropuffing - Course

A new technology in naildesign, which is not difficult to learn but creates a very nice effect.
We are convinced that you can learn this new technique with us too.

But there are tips and tricks, which you don't really know. We will show you these on our course. You can learn practically and ask questions at the same time. If you have any further questions, we are always available to help you. It is also our interest that your customers are fully satisfied and can benefit from Aeropuffing.

The exercises are not carried out on a model, but on nail tips as shown in the picture. Of course, you are allowed to take your own nail tips with you at the end of the course. It is certainly a great experience to participate in such a course. They can let their imagination run wild. In addition, we will also show you the aeropuffing chrome pastes on site. You can then decide whether you want to include them in your assortment and order them. We will also show you at the course different templates, which you can buy immediately, or afterwards via our online shop.

Have we convinced you? ... do not hesitate to register for the course. It's really worth it!

The Aeropuffing course participation is sold on the basis of tickets. These can be purchased in the shop under course tickets.
You buy a ticket, pay for it online via Paypal or credit card and are then entitled to participate.

At the moment the course is only available in a bundle with an aeropuffing set, which you can use at the course. With this aeropuffing set you can make many more customers happy thanks to very low consumption.

In addition, a course folder with information about aeropuffing will be provided.

Of course, drinks are also included in the course. (Not for Online Course)

The course will last 4 hours.

You will learn the practical handling of aeropuffing, which you can then put into practice.
This includes certain techniques, processes and ideas which are very important for aeropuffing.

Each student will receive an original certificate from Victory at the end of the course.
In addition, students will receive a 5% discount on material purchases.

On request, each participant will be published on a list of "course visitors" on our homepage. This includes the name of the participant and, if desired, the name and address of the nail studio.

In Germany the courses are currently offered online, which are not very different.
You will receive a certificate as well as 5% on material purchases in the future. You also will be published on a list of "course visitors" on our homepage. The price of the online course is of course much cheaper, because we don't have to rent a location for it and we don't have any travel time. Course folders are sent to you in PDF format by e-mail.

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