Aeropuffing Germany

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AEROPUFFING is a NEW technique in nail art and offers nail technicians unlimited possibilities in design while being very easy to understand and use.

What is most important for a nail designer?
Speed and quality of course! And now, thanks to AEROPUFFING, every nail designer can create their own nail designs of varying complexity - and you don't have to buy stickers, slider nail art or airbrush sets.

The AEROPUFFING technique enables you to masterfully create the following with AEROPUFFING Gel Paste, templates and accessories: Complex designs with airbrush effect - Ombre designs and multicolored gradient backgrounds - Perfect Pink & White in 1 minute - Designs with 3D effect - Designs with contour Details.

You may think well, oh yes, nice and good, but on the pictures everything looks much more beautiful. That's not true! These results on the pictures can also be achieved by you. After attending a course, we are convinced that you will achieve almost, almost the same or even the same results right from the beginning.

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